Why another framework?

One User Interface Development for all Clients
Today's embedded systems get more and more integrated into the net. But the user interfaces via browsers are mostly annoying, not interactive or have a disgusting design. Additionally they have to be developed completely separated from the current UI.

One Communication Framework for all Applications
Think of your product family: In most cases you are using more than one CPU/SoC in your product portfolio. There are different screen sizes. Your developers have to use different tools to design and implement the user interface depending on the OS.

A framework which simplifies your work, streamlines your development and the appearance of your product-UI's
The same user interface on all devices, code re-use, nearly platform independent. Once implemented it will save costs and reduce the time-to-market of your products. Be ahead of your competition!

See how easy it is

This website runs completly on the embraise framework. Active HTML5 elements are automatically updated via websockets with live data from the server.

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On the first sight you may wonder if HTML5 is the right solution for user interfaces, how you can re-use your C/C++ application and if JavaScript and Python can really enrich the user experience on your devices. Not everything is answered in a second because your requirements are as individual as your products are. And that is why we take the time to listen to you and recommend the right solution - from software to hardware.

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About myable

mycable develops customized embedded systems. Since more and more customers need web-interfaces and traditional UIs, we decided to develop a new framework which stops the uncontrolled growth of different tools, frameworks and missing interfaces between them and we invented embraise!

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